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Roofers in london Ltd is a established business that has experienced significant growth, largely to the quality of the work and services provided.
Roofers in london Ltd was established in 2000 and incorporates a wide range of roofing and building solutions, Our services and solutions have developed key strategic partnerships with our suppliers and clients.
Roofers in london Ltd has extensive experience in the roofing and building industry carrying out all aspects of building works, New works, Repairs or Maintenance.

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We pride ourselves on firstly, our honesty in giving you the best and most cost effective way of dealing with a roofing problem, devoid of any scare mongering you may have experienced before.

Secondly we pride ourselves on the challenge of problem solving ANYTHING a roof may be suffering from, taking pictures for your benefit so you can make an informed decision and then solving it in the correct way if you wish to continue.

If your roof is in need of a complete re-roof/renewal we will promise to beat or compete with any price you may already have received and as it's a free no obligation estimate you really have nothing to lose.


All Roofing and General Building work Undertaken.

All Roofing Repairs

Roofing repairs vary for every property. They depend on size, age and condition of the property, as well as damage done by external factors, for example weather. Roof damage can be problematic and stressful for both home and business owners alike due to the disruptions that this damage can cause. We aim to ease this stress through supplying a professional service repair to the roof damage on your property. From gutter problems to asbestos removals, re-pointing to the replacing of slates/ tiles, we will undergo any repairs you may need for a competative price. 

Flat Roofing Specialists

Flat roofing is beneficial for many properties, including homes, garages and commercial buildings due to its many advantages. These advantages include affordability and accesibility, as well as the creation of extra space. The flat roofed section of your property, which may cover a section or the entirety of your roof, becomes perfect for the installation of added extras into your builidng, such as solar panels, air conditioning units or even rooftop gardens. We offer a varity of flat-roofing products based on your budget and needs, as well as the needs of the property itself. 

We pride oursleves on the quality of out work, providing our clients with a professional finish that any home or business owner would be proud of. Alongside this, one of our main aims is to make this process as easy and comfortable for the client as possible, and to avoid disruption to everyday life as much as can be helped. Our goal is the satisfaction of the client in aevery way. 


Guttering can be problematic for property owners, particularly on older buildings, however it is easily replaced or repaired depending on the quality and condition of the guttering in place. We can provide a high quality guttering service, giving you a professional look and function. We also offer a wide range of types and shapes of gutters to suit your property type, from half round guttering to square guttering. In adition to this we offer a gutter clean and maintenance service to maintian the quality of your gutters; this allows you to keep your gutters cleaned, unblocked and sealed, protecting them over the years. 

Slating and Tiling

Both slates and tiles offer you a durable, long-lasting and aesthetic roofing solution for your property. Slate, as the traditional roofing material, works well with more traditional style homes, yet the variety of styles and coloured offered by more modern tiles offer a more unique look to your roof and property. Slates and tiles can extend the lifespan of your roof by up to double or even triple the length of an uncovered roof and so the value for money on this product is substantial. 

We offer a wide variety of slate and tile roofing options in order to fit your roof and property type, budget, as well as your own personal wants for the appearance of the property. We guarantee a high quality of work and presentation, meeting the BS 5534 Slating and Tiling regulation. Our work is both professional and as disruptive as possible to every day life. 

Sarnafil Single Ply Roofing

Sarnafil is a flat roofing provider offering sinlge ply roofing membranes, offering a variety of benefits for the customer. It is a high quality, duarble material that can be offered in a wide variety of shaoes and sizes to fit your roofing needs. It is extremely efficient in terms of both cost and energy due to its thermal insulation and its lifespan. A Sarnafil surveyor will sign off the completed work to guarantee the quality of the outcome, giving you confidence in the finished product that we provide. 

We are proud to work with Sarnafil and work with them to maintain the high quality of their work. We offer a flexible installation and guarantee a high quality of work and finish. Sarnafil offer a gaurantee for installations of up to 25 years depending on the thickness of the material installed, giving you peace of mind on the completion of the roof. 

Loft Conversions

The loft of any building holds so much potential to the property. If you decide to make use of this potential we can aid you with a loft conversion. Our conversion service will transform your blocked off attic into a usable room, giving you extra space as well as adding value to the property. This process covers many features, such as the installation of insulation and skylight windows, in order to make the space into a room of its own. 

We will offer you a flexible service, capable of working with any size or shape loft service, as well as a high quality finish. We aim to create a balnk space for our clients to transform into whatever they need, be it an office, extra bedroom, or more. Our work meets all regulations and is completed to a high standard for the satisfaction and safety of the client. We provide a professional level of work in all aspects of the project in order to give the client what they need. 

Chimney Rebuilds and Repairs

Chimneys are an essential aspect of most roofs, yet they can often be damaged by lack of maintenance or external factors, such as weather. We offer a high quality service to repair or rebuild your chimney in the case of damage. Our work is professional and held to a high standard in accordance with regulations. However our main concern is the satisfaction of the customer; we will work with you to provide a satisfactory repair that meets your expectations and is completed with a quality finish. 

EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing is the installation of a flat rubber roof. It is beneficial due to it durability and exceptional lifespan of up to 50 years, making it cost effective to the customer. Our EPDM service is flexible, allowing us to work with any size, shape, or condition roof that requires this work. Our installation is professional, giving a smooth and seamless finish as well as a durable product. We pride ourselves on providing a product that our customers will admire and be satisfied with, as well as working with them in order to diminish the impact that this process will have on everyday life. 


GRP Roofing

The Installation of Glass Reinforced Plastic onto your property adds something special to the building. Unlike other roofs, GRP roofing lets the outside world into your home or office. The material is both strong and light, making it durable and perfect for use in the family home, as well as in an office space. We provide a high quality and durable finish to your GRP roof that will last you years to come as well as enhance your porperty. GRP can be fitted to the majority of properties, varying in shape and size to bring out the best of your property. 

Lead Specialists

Lead is a versatile material, making it suitable for a variety of purposes, from box gutters and flashings, to more decorative work and roof coverings. The durability of lead when correctly installed is extensive, lasting up to 100 years and offers a smart finish to your property. Our service installs and ensures a quality fitting of lead to your roof for a long lasting product. Our team is highly qualified and professional in their work, and as lead specialists we are the right team for the job. 

Emergency Repairs

Like with most things in life, disaster can strie your roof due to elements outisdie of your control. In these instances we offer an emergency repair system where our team will come out to your property and repair the damage, whatever that may be. During this visit we will inspect, repair, and improve on the condition of your roof to prevent the same issue occuring again for the forseeable future. We aim to aid the customer and relieve some of the stress taht this issue can cause. Our team is efficient and professional, working with the client to take the danger of a damaged roof away. 


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